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The African American Experience

During the 18th century, half of Williamsburg’s population was black. Learn more about the daily life and culture of African Virginians.

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Black History Month

More than half of 18th-century Williamsburg residents were African American. Join us every February for Black History Month and discover their untold stories of those who lived, loved, and strove to create a better future.

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Meet Our Nation Builders

Nation Builders portray real historic figures associated with 18th-century Williamsburg who made significant contributions to the American story. Meet a Nation Builder during your visit who helped shape their time, and whose legacy continues to influence and inspire American ideals.

Aggy of Turkey Island

Edith Cumbo

Gowan Pamphlet

James Armistead Lafayette

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Slavery & Remembrance

This online resource tells the story of the creation and evolution of the transatlantic slave trade, slavery, and their legacies.

Pilot of the Patriot

How Cesar Tarrant was granted freedom through his naval service

African American Watercolors

Preview three works, then discover their significance

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To experience all that the Historic Area has to offer, including tours of original 18th-century buildings, personal interaction with townspeople, vibrant gardens, two museums, and so much more—you’ll need an admission ticket.

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